Colonics are used to cleanse the body of toxins that build up in the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as colonics or colon irrigation.  Colon Hydrotherapy  is  a clean  and  comfortable  treatment used with purified treatment.  A soothing flow of purified warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a small  disposable  nozzle. The system is designed to allow evacuation of the contents of the colon during the administration of the  colonic  irrigation. The pressure which is gravity feed , temperature, and flow of water, are all safely regulated throughout the session. The water is purified with an Ultra Violet Water Purification System. Colonic irrigation using colon hydrotherapy involves the safe, gentle infusion of water into the colon via the rectum. No chemicals or drugs are involved and the entire therapy is both relaxing and effective.

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